1-Check the tape surface:

+ Checking the construction ground, size, elevation, predictions occurring when installing goods.

+ Check the wing size, drill holes, glass surface …
2- Reinforcing Rail suspension beams: Reinforced beams can be made of concrete, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and can be made of glass: Choose a beam capable of bearing force suitable for the length of the rail and the load in the wings. This reinforcement part must be made very solid because otherwise when operating the door will vibrate high frequency causing unpleasant noise.

3- Installing the sliding rail system on the iron beams: this stage needs to be done carefully and accurately about the height and straightness of the sliding rail. Any position that is buckled, tilted or high and low can seriously damage the operation of the door (the door may be disordered to travel or not run while detecting a trip that is stuck when the power supply is turned on and off. ) durability of automatic doors (automatic doors).

Note: Install the wheel on the rail before installing the rail slide when the width is limited.

4 – Installation of motor system, controller, pulley …: The motor and the pulley must be firmly fixed because when starting the strong impulses, the motor or the pulley may slip and cause danger of dropping the door. Transmission belts not attached too tight will cause screeching, which will quickly wear out the belt and cause gearbox bundling. Power and control signal lines must be fixed and tidy, avoiding contact with rail and belt, which will cause short-circuit and signal wires.

Note: Do not install the Eye, microscope, push button, other external devices in this step.

5- Install the glass (wing) on ​​the wheel: Move smoothly, evenly. The wheel must be properly balanced, ensuring the straightness, absolutely not to touch any small position from the wheel into the Rail slip outside the position on the rollers. Attention: the position of the screws to prevent the jump The wheels (tend to always touch the bottom of the rail slide) when the wings are not vertical, unbalanced….

6- Test and test run:

+ Check the links and connections in step 04

+ Check and redefine the door blocking position to ensure safety for the door (Glass) ?? This step is very important before the trial run.

+ Test drive the door 2 ~ 3 times by turning on (Short) pins 3 and 4 on the control box.

7- Speed ​​adjustment: Adjusting the opening, closing speed, waiting time for closing, braking distance closing, opening brake distance, slow speed (final speed at closing and opening), adjusting speed degrees and features to suit each type of rail length. Closing speed should not be too fast will create fear for passersby.

8- Installation of the remaining accessories:

 + Install magic eye, auxiliary eye, push button, other external connection devices

 + Installation of instructions.
9- Finish: Install protective covers for automatic doors- Auto Door, cleaning and cleaning the entire automatic sliding door system (automatic sliding doors) and the surrounding environment. Wait for the automatic sliding doors (Automatic sliding doors) to work within 30 minutes. If there are no obstacles or adjustments, it is considered as the end of the erection process.

As we have heard the maxim “Durable in man”. Therefore, in addition to the criteria of good product quality, thoughtful after-sales maintenance service, our company attaches great importance to the installation of automatic door products, Compliance with strict erection procedures to bring Giving customers the best products and services, creating a sense of peace and comfort for customers when using our company’s products and services.

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